By Chris Toronyi

In business I look for people that have the same interests, same drive, maybe even the same sense of humor. A connection, that eventually builds to something more. A friendship. A friendship includes the two most important attributes to success: trust and honesty. Without them, you would have nothing to build upon. You'd have all these built up emotions that when unleashed would be taken out of context, looked at as criticism instead of a dialogue that leads to a solution. The chemistry that a friendship brings to the table breeds belief. Breeds better ideas, better thinking, better results. It's hard to mine that person.

We live in a world with very talented people, people that have incredible skill sets, but maybe lack in the chemistry category with others. I'd rather pass on the opportunity to work with them, than suffer through their insecurities and ego. A pragmatic approach to finding the right person or organization for me is necessary to success. Just because people are available or might be available doesn't mean they're the one. Yes, testimonials from others start the discussion, but deeper look is always needed.

Think of it this way. A ship at sea requires all work for the common goal of the ship's needs. The tempo of the oarsman, working together to propel the ship in an efficient manner is keystone to its success. If one decides not to believe in the goal because he thinks he's greater than the sum of its parts, then the whole is ruined. Chemistry is paramount. (coincidentally, I am writing this across the street from Paramount Studios). Chemistry leads to success, leads to a culture of fun and attraction.

You seriously can't put a price on the "ship." Friendship.

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28 Jan 2013