The 2012/13 Premier League season is nearly a quarter-way through and two of the cup competitions are also well underway. Now that we have see what this team looks to be capable of, we once again appraoched our panel of supporters in the USA and Canada to give their views on the season so far.

One thing that no Arsenal supporter needs to be reminded of is that it has been a while since our Club has won a significant trophy. Before the season kicked off, the members of our panel were quite optimistic about Arsenal's chances to win some silverware this season. They have also been rather positive about the season so far. But like every fan, they are all desperate to see Arsenal lift a shiny silver cup. But which one?

Question: Which of the four major trophies do you believe is the most important and which one do you most want Arsenal to win?

Joel McNamara
Joel McNamara
Arsenal Review USA
 I'd like to think landing the Premiership trophy is the biggest honor Arsenal could achieve this season. It may not signify superiority over the best of the best in Europe, but it's an achievement that represents a full season of relative domination over 19 other teams and all the local bragging rights that entails. It must also be said that winning the Premiership would be especially significant for a club like Arsenal which is always touted for its financial self-sustainability and capacity to contend with teams that are operating with significantly greater resources.

A close second would be the Champions League, since that obviously remains the one major trophy Arsène Wenger hasn't added to his collection since joining Arsenal. Again, the pedigree of competition in the Champions League is second to none, but to me winning the Premiership brings with it the important intangible of claiming superiority over domestic clubs -- many of whose fans we all see on a regular basis -- and that's something lifting the Champions League doesn't necessarily bring.

All that to say, having not won a trophy in seven years, it's really a case of beggars can't be choosers for Arsenal supporters: currently I'd take any one of them.

 I think you would be hard pressed to find a fan of any club in the Premier League who would disagree that the Premiership trophy is the hardest trophy to win and definitely the one that requires most consistency. Cup competitions can and are often won by teams who have Lady Luck on their side. We may end up top of our group in the Champions League but could very well draw one of the Spanish giants in the next round (not that I don't think we could take them on).

As much as I want Arsène to finally hold up the Champions League trophy as Arsenal manager, I think the Premiership trophy would be an even bigger achievement considering the level of competition we are now enjoying in England and because I think it is a more realistic target. Considering our recent trophy ‘drought' however, I would have to chime in with Joel that we can't be terribly picky on which trophies we should really be challenging for. I believe that we have the depth this season to compete strongly on all four fronts. Even winning a domestic cup would be a great achievement and can lay the foundation in terms of confidence and team morale for more success and silverware next season.

I suppose the easy answer is the Champions League because, as Joel mentioned, that is the only major trophy that Arsène Wenger has never won, and because of the heartbreak of 2006. But for me, the big prize has always been and will always be the Premier League title.

A team's domestic league finish is the most definitive and true mark of their season. Any team can go on a cup run, riding their luck to a piece of silverware. *coughchelseacoughcough* But there's no hiding from one's finish in the Premier League, which is for me the best, most competitive and demanding league in world football.

Not only that, but the bragging rights are so much greater when you run into the invariably annoying and superior United fans. "Oh, I'm sorry, how far back of us did you finish? Yes, that's what I thought." They may not be good reasons, but they're mine!


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