Whether it was the considerable jostle after Andrey's thunderbolt on Sunday that brought it on I am not sure but during the very early hours of Tuesday morning I awoke in considerable pain. Writing these notes after my third sleepless night I would be wrong if I didn't admit to being a miserable so and so this morning. It appears I have a trapped nerve in my left shoulder and if an appointment with an 'expert' doesn't prove successful this afternoon I really don't know what to do next!

In normal circumstances our great win on Sunday at Anfield would have me looking forward to last night's game with relish. In reality, for the first time for probably ten years or more, my serious discomfort very nearly made me stay indoors with a hot water bottle strapped to my shoulder and not make the trip at all. Only nearly mind ;-)

A home fixture or at least something local would have been nice but probably the most awkward away trip of the season from down here in Kent just had to be on the agenda! Still, Wednesday afternoon traffic shouldn't be too bad.....six and a half hours later and there the painkillers were simply having no effect.

On the bright side it was unusually warmer than down south and we had another tough away game to look forward to.

Firstly I can see on last night's showing why Turf Moor is a very difficult place to go and get three points. Our hosts were extremely fit, well organised, battled extremely hard and were dangerous on the break.

After Cesc's opener, his near miss volley shortly after and Andrey rattling the post, I still cannot help but feel disappointed that we didn't come home with the maximum haul.

Don't get me wrong it could have been worse, Burnley hit the post too at one a piece and enjoyed one or two other chances including a near own goal early on but we dominated possession for long periods and had numerous opportunities to have nicked a second right until the final whistle.

Saying that, it wasn't like "Custer's Last Stand" and for me, overall a draw was probably a fair result.

I would have taken four points from six at the beginning of the week admittedly but having got three on Sunday, last night seems to feel more like two dropped....or maybe that's just my mood right now!

Obviously getting drowsy at the wheel of your car is an extremely dangerous thing but if there are any of you out there who get concerned by this travelling back from long midweek away games, get yourself a trapped nerve. Believe you me, sleeping in a bed is hard enough, let alone at the wheel of a car!

Radio 5's football phone in didn't help either. It realy bugs me how whole debates can take place over things where the people concerned haven't even got their facts straight! Arsène Wenger mentioned in his post match interview how it doesn't seem fair that we are playing three league games this week when our next opponent Hull are not.

This was followed by numerous pundits and fans moaning that our boss shouldn't be moaning about playing three games in a week as it is the price of success. Nobody mentioned he wasn't actually moaning about that, just the fact with Hull not having a midweek game it's not a level playing field!

The whole thing just demonstrated why I rarely listen to these things. It was just a case of anything to take my mind of my shoulder!

Hull next then, an early evening kick-off and time to enjoy some early Christmas cheer......or should I say beer?! Enjoy!


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17 Dec 2009