Wednesday 13th January 2010

Last time I penned my thoughts TV reports suggested snow could well be on its way. As I sit here then, it seems kind of apt that the latest blizzard has just hit my home town!

Unfortunately I live in a small cul-de-sac at the bottom of a hill. A slope in fact that has been graced with little or no grit or salt ever since this winter's first snowflake hit the ground. With the freezing temperatures preventing any thaw and turning the soft white snow into solid ice, believe it or not yesterday was the first time I managed to get my 'useless in the snow' car out of my road for a week!

By lunchtime last Wednesday in fact, I had moved my car to the top of the hill, just so I could attempt to get to London for the Bolton home game, should it go ahead. Watching the Sky Sports reporter, on location in N5, he gradually started to look like a snowman as the afternoon developed, and sure enough the game was postponed. Frustrating but altogether sensible when we look back at how the conditions worsened over the next couple of days!

Being parked in a relatively 'dangerous' position I quickly retrieved my car and bedded in for the coming days with little more possible than to simply look forward to the Everton game on Saturday... should it go ahead of course.

By this stage, the main roads were passable with care and the motorways through Kent pretty clear so having walked to a suitable collection point I joined my Dad for the journey up to the game. On this occasion, getting there wasn't the problem. Forecasts suggested possibly the heaviest snowfalls yet could hit the south east come mid-afternoon and evening and consequently, actually getting home was the biggest concern.

Although it was very cold and conditions were a little precarious under foot in certain areas, there was absolutely no reason why the game shouldn't go ahead although reports coming through from back home from well before kick-off were not great and probably had us all with minds on other matters as well as the game ahead.

In a strange kind of way, it almost seemed to mirror our performance. For the first time for a good few weeks we looked lacklustre, our passing was sloppy and inaccurate and this on a day where our visitors looked sharp.

Of course, when challenging for the title, Everton at home is a game you need to win. Taking a positive out of a bad day however, we kept going and snatched a point from a game where we looked more likely to get nothing.

Getting home proved successful if a little problematic and walking to a nice warm pub for the evening finished off a difficult and not totally productive day.

At the beginning of the year we faced two games in quick succession against a Bolton side managed by Gary Megson.

We now face them twice in four days, not only under the leadership of a new man but someone who's original team we faced only a month back.

Six points would be fantastic... and as always we can play our part.


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13 Jan 2010