Monday, December 10, 2012

With the amount of money in the game these days I am amazed how one of the financial 'superpowers' has not managed to go a whole league season unbeaten. For me it only emphasises just what an incredible achievement that was back in 2003/04.

I mention this of course because as of Sunday that accolade remains unique in the modern game, something us Gooners will forever be proud of.

It finished off a pretty good weekend all round, even if our deserved victory on Saturday was laced with an element of controversy.

On a chilly old day in north London we all knew in the pre-match build up three points were paramount so to go home with that was pleasing.

We knew it would be a tough game too, with our visitors already proving this season they can beat anyone on their day. As a result, sharpness was important and we were hugely better than last week on that front, especially when we didn't have the ball.

The Baggies certainly weren't in a hurry when the ball wasn't in play, even in the opening 15 minutes or so, as good an example as any I feel that they definitely would have been happy with a no score draw.

I don't really want to add a great deal to the debate over the first penalty incident. Santi has said he was clipped when he turned and to be fair only he knows! For me however, the media frenzy it has created (just like with Eduardo a few years ago) is almost beyond belief. It is almost as if they have not watched any other games this season. I'm just a mere fan and I know I could put together a huge dossier of similar 'incidents' where only the players involved know what happened.

But we are Arsenal, we are used to media 'attention'.

We thoroughly deserved to win the game on Saturday and that will do me as we look forward to our League Cup quarter-final up at Bradford.

A fixture that has a classic cup tie feel about it sees well over 4,000 of us Gooners head to Yorkshire on what I'm sure will be a cold December evening.

Our noise can only help as we try to reach yet another semi-final.

Come on you reds!


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10 Dec 2012