Thursday, October 25, 2012

Football is probably associated with more cliches than most things in life. Many of them feel so accurate, relevant and appropriate.

On this occasion I cannot get the phrase, "a week is a long time in football" out of my head.

Leaving Upton Park I felt on a real high, a great day topped off by coming from behind to win with three great goals to boot.

It certainly meant we were all right to go into Saturday's trip to Norwich with considerable anticipation and confidence.

Coming away with nothing was certainly not on the agenda as our 'weekender' group of travelling Gooners enjoyed the immense pre-match build up a late kick-off gives you.

Despite a huge amount of possession we created very little on the day. There is little more to say other than it was extremely disappointing.

Across any season games like this can happen I guess, so to lose confidence going into last night's game with Schalke could be deemed as an over-reaction.

That is certainly how we looked at it as we took in Norwich's nightlife with the usual gusto!

Champions League football, as a general rule, is totally different to the domestic kind.

As a result games can often be like chess. Much movement, thought and probing before making that all-important winning contribution.

For me last night was a prime example of that. For much of the game I felt it could have gone either way. Our visitors are obviously a good side and caused us problems but at 0-0 we could have scored that all-important first goal rather than them.

Saying that, despite our probing when in possession, like at Carrow Road on Saturday we created very little as far as clear-cut chances are concerned.

Over the years, in games where things haven't gone our way, if we have created lots of chances you can put it down to being one of 'those' days.

As a fan however, our lack of creativity over the last two games is a little worrying.

We have made a relatively strong start to this season, the togetherness within the squad being hugely apparent. We don't become a bad side in a week.

With that in mind we approach the visit of QPR and must bounce back with a win.

It is something I'm sure will be discussed at length as I join the 250 or so of our Icelandic Gooner friends tonight for their anniversary dinner.

Gooners worldwide, joined in harmony... even if we all do differ in our opinions sometimes!

Victoria Concordia Crescit.


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25 Oct 2012