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Wenger: It will be interesting this year, just like it was last year

Dear Supporter,

What this Arsenal team has done in the last week is exceptional. After coming back from an international break, we have gone on to win two Premier League games and get an away draw in-between in the Champions League.

This team has the right attitude and they want to improve together. That is fantastic for a coach.

It was a convincing, united and classy performance at Bolton on Saturday. We were strong everywhere a team can be strong - that means physically and technically. Even in the second half when we needed to defend we showed the resilient aspects of our game. That makes me think we are maturing very quickly.

The whole midfield functioned very well. There was strength and security coming out of the entire team. We were not panicking when we were 1-0 down but responding in a strong way. For such a young team we have a very big desire not to accept defeat.

You may smile but I did not really see the impact of Kevin Davies’ challenge on Gael Clichy . Gael was in front of me but I watched the ball as it went back to William Gallas. There was 30 seconds to go in the half and I said to Gael 'let's keep the ball'.

But it was a shin injury. That proves that the tackle was quite high. Was it an accident? Only Davies himself can answer that.

The win at Bolton leaves us top of the table, that maybe a little surprising to some people. When you are not on the transfer market you are a little bit ignored at the start of the season because the attention is focused on the big signings. Most of the time big signings mean you are favourites.

We have gone a different way. We are trying to build a young side with a cohesive way to play the game with a culture of football we like. On Saturday we had Denilson, 20, Fabregas, 21, Bendtner, 20, Walcott, 19 and Song, 20, all playing. When those players fight for the title one year, you can hope they will be better the next year.

We were close in May so there is no reason why we should not be up there again this season.

Thanks for your support.

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Arsène Wenger

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