Emirates Stadium plays host to its first football match on Saturday when Dennis Bergkamp's testimonial takes place at Arsenal's new home.

So how much do you know about Emirates Stadium? Over the past two days we've been revealing a host of stats about this state-of-the-art venue, from the size of the pitch area to the identity of the film used to test the big screens.


The famous Highbury clock will be located on the back of the South East Jumbotron screen opposite the 'Clock End Bridge'.

The size of pitch area has increased from 105m x 70m (Highbury) to 113m x 76m. This is an increase of 16.8 per cent.


It took 30 men 16 weeks to fix the 60,000 seats. Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby fitted the first seat on March 13, 2006. If placed side by side, the seats would stretch from Emirates Stadium to the training ground near St Albans! The seat base is 460mm wide x 400mm deep. Its back is 460mm wide x 410mm high.


The Club's catering company, Delaware North, will be expecting to cater for over 100,000 food and drink orders. These will be served from 250 different outlets. The total length of counters at the stadium will be 280m.

The special beer pipes provide enough pressure to provide (on average) with four pints every five seconds. This equates to 2,400 pints per minute in the entire stadium.


The energy rating for the stadium is sufficient to the simultaneous boiling of 6,300 electric kettles.

The two giant screens within the stadium are provided by Mitsubishi. They measure 72 m² as opposed to the Jumbotrons (38 m²) at Highbury.

Viewing angles have also increased - 140 degrees, rather than 120 - making the screens easier to see from either side of the stadium.

The two screens were tested with the film 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'. The speakers were tested with the song 'Encore Une Fois' by Sash.

Emirates is the first High Definition capable stadium in Europe.

At its peak over 1,400 construction workers were on site.

Over 9,000 staff in total worked on the site.

Over 6,000,000 hours were spent working on the stadium. If one man were to work on the site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, then it would have taken him 685 years to complete the construction. Working normal hours it would have taken him 2,000 years.

In total, since construction began there have been over 6,000 visitors to the stadium. 

Emirates Stadium will create over 1,800 new jobs.


The total load on the roof is 5,100 tonnes

Two cannons are cast iron and from Woolwich Arsenal

2,500 legal documents signed in order to give project full clearance

450 cash tills in stadium - but aim to be cashless in the future

16 trees were planted on the stadium podium

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21 Jul 2006