At the moment it seems that all the teams that come to Emirates Stadium don't like playing 4-4-2 here, but we kept cool on Saturday and that was crucial.

Against any other team, even Liverpool, Sheffield United play 4-4-2, but they came to us and they played 5-4-1. That's what we have to cope with. Perhaps when you play football like we do, opposition teams know that if they come out against us they might get hammered. Maybe they think they have a better chance against other teams, I don't know, so they just look not to lose against us.

We kept cool though, and I know there were times when our fans were getting frustrated that we weren't shooting. I think they might be listening too much to what other people are saying about us and they should stick with us - not only when it works, but also when it doesn't. There were some times in the second-half when we were trying to stay patient, and pass the ball around, and I could hear our fans telling us to shoot. I can understand it, but I think they may be getting sucked in by what people are writing. We carried on playing our game though, and thank God because for the first goal I could have had a go, but I saw Cesc in the box so I passed it. That's us, it's the way we play, and it always will be. Of course when you have the chance to smash it in, we do - just like Tomas Rosicky did against Hamburg.

But we were playing against five defenders and four shielding midfielders on Saturday. I tried to get in a position to shoot, but they were right in front of me, so I passed to Cesc.

I don't mean it in a bad way, but we all need to stay together. Look at the goal at Man United, look at the first goal on Saturday, we kept passing the ball. When we can shoot, we shoot, I have scored plenty of goals in my career when I have smashed it from far away, so has Robin van Persie - when you have to do it, you do it - but on Saturday Sheffield United made it difficult for us.

How have we become what we are today? By playing our own style, not from the long ball.

I know the fans are on our side, and I can understand their frustration, but we have to stay cool and play our game. It is what Arsenal are known for, it's our identity and I think that's important. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will lose, but you can't be happy about the way we play when we win, and upset with our style when we lose, because it's the same.

Don't get me wrong, do you think I was happy after the Man City game when we outplayed them and still lost? Of course not, but unfortunately sometimes you lose like that, just as you do if you play long-ball.

Whether we play the most efficient style or not is not even the point, the point is it's our way of playing, it's our identity.

Look back to when the Club were known as 'boring, boring Arsenal'. I don't know if it was boring because Arsenal won a lot of trophies then, but if you had asked George Graham whether it was the right way to play, would he have cared? For him it was the right way and that's my point. You have your identity and you shouldn't doubt it when you are not winning.

As soon as we took the lead it was a different game, because they had to come out. Rob Hulse did extremely well up front on his own, because he was against six guys, but what is he going to do on his own?

I don't know if you have noticed since he arrived, but William Gallas always has an opportunity to score in every game, even for France. He always has a chance to score, I don't know how he does it, but he does it. He actually started off as a striker, and I used to play up front with him when we were younger. I think he will get even more chances with the way we play.

In the first-half I think I stayed too much up front, which may sound strange, but I think we needed to go wider. So I dropped off a bit more in the second-half, and went wide to try to make things happen, and that's how the second goal came.

The third goal was a great cross from Manu Eboue, and he has the capability of doing that. The whole move was inch perfect, every pass, including the cross.

To be honest I didn't care about scoring for myself, I just wanted to win that game, and get going at home. I'm not lying, whoever had scored the goals I didn't really care. The important thing was the three points because we were getting frustrated with not winning at home, and so were the fans, so it was time.

Tonight it's Porto, who drew their first game, so they need to get some points as quickly as they can, so hopefully they will come here to play football. But whatever, it's up to us to break them down whatever system they play in.

They are a good side, were champions of Europe not so long ago, and have a great record in this competition. We will have to be careful.

If we can win tonight, not only would it put us in a strong position, but it would put them under pressure because they would be five points behind. We used to be in the other position, and being slow starters, but it would be a great start if we could get the points tonight. We saw the benefit of having a good start in the group stage last year, and we were able to take that momentum through to the knock-out stages.

There's one thing I want to clear up from the weekend. At the recent Willow Foundation launch I was asked whether I watch a lot of football. I said yes, whether it's the Championship or Premiership, whatever, I watch a lot, and of course I always look at the strikers, because that's my position. I happened to mention Paul Dickov and Kevin Davies, but I could have said Jason Roberts or Andy Johnson, anyone, I look at the way any striker moves because there is always something to learn. You never know when something you've seen from someone else can pop up in your head when you are playing. But it can be whoever, it could be Ronaldinho or Eto'o, or it could be a guy at Barnet, I just like watching football and of course I look at the strikers. But it's not right to say those guys are my role-models or whatever you may have read in the papers.

Finally my injury is feeling better but people have to remember that this is still the beginning of the season for me, because I have only played four games. I was just getting there, but then I had to stop again last week. During the season, those interruptions don't matter, because after 20 games in your legs one week off doesn't matter. But after two weeks it's difficult, and I did struggle in the first-half on Saturday to find my way. In the second-half I felt better and hopefully that's a good sign.

Enjoy the game tonight.

Thierry Henry

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4 Oct 2006